72nd Annual

12th District Meeting

Building Bridges to Economic Empowerment & Holistic Wellness

18.may Portland, OR








Meeting Thrusts

Building Bridges to Economic Empowerment and Holistic Wellness

Youth Enrichment

Through our Youth Leadership Conference, Talent Hunt and Just Hall we aim to create an environment where our youth may cultivate a positive sense of individual and social responsibility, self-worth and value. Furthermore, we hope to inspire leadership in their personal and community relationships.

  • Youth Leadership Conference, where men of Omega facilitate workshops designed to teach, inspire, support and motivate young men of color towards self-actualization in an open, safe, and constructive environment
  • Talent Hunt, where youth from around the 12th District showcase their abilities in the performing arts, and has been going on since 1946
  • Just Hall, our newest addition is a technology showcase for underrepresented youth in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Economic Empowerment

Many in the Portland Metro area have the ideas and ambition needed to become successful in various aspects of life but are challenged by a lack of access to business resources, technology, networks, or capital needed to accomplish these goals. This conference to help foster an economic empowerment bridge built of financial inclusion and empowerment programs.

  • Minority Business Networking at "Welcome to PDX" Thursday Night Event
  • Supporting African-American Vendorsand Local Businesses
Wellness Bridge

One of the most prominent challenges faced by Portland Metro area is providing holistic wellness, one of mind, body, and spirit. Our focus is to better the health and wellness in our local communities by providing tools to create an ecosystem that promotes good health. Topics of how to eat and living healthy from a holistic standpoint will be covered.

  • Health and Wellness Coaching,Counseling and Health Screening
  • Expert led discussions around mental health, depression and the impact of issues related to stress
  • Dynamic Stretching Instruction


  • Red Lion on The River | Jantzen Beach
  • 909 N Hayden Island Dr. Portland, OR
  • 72districtmeeting@gmail.com
  • 503.283.4466